My name is Yonna Billingsley, I am a military spouse. I am pursing a Master degree in Educational leadership. I am in the middle of my educational goals of obtaining this degree.

I currently work for a Federal insurance company whereby, I spend a lot of time traveling and investigating issues that are often very complex. The scripture that I chose and has help me in my field of work is Philippians 4:13. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me”. I chose this scripture because it has help me and given me strength through death and in handling complex issues at work.

I enjoy traveling in the United States and abroad, cooking and trying new recipes. I am widower, I have two adult children and one lovely granddaughter who gives me joy.

When I felt I couldn’t move forward God showed me that I could do all things when it becomes impossible. I found joy through the birth of my granddaughter, I found strength through starting a third chapter of my life by going back to school.

I hope to more efficient in the use of technology. I didn’t have a twitter account, I don’t read blogs. So this will be an adventure for me. Finally, if my life was a movie it be the “Preachers wife”. I would play the role of the Whitney House (as the wife) because I am always trying to bring peace in the middle of a storm and bring calmness to everyone. I want to learn as much as I can out of this class.

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