DB 2 The Six Secrets of Change

This week discussion forum I chose to discuss Fullan’s Six Secrets of Change and Potential Roadblocks because I can relate to these experiences in my current profession.  In reading Fullan’s Six Secrets of Change and Potential Roadblocks it obvious that changes must occur in our school system.

“Love Your Employees”. Fullan states that we must love our employees. “loving and investing in our employees in relations to a high-quality purpose is the bedrock of success. The best to love your employees is to initiate trust and support (Fullan, 2014, p.55).

Secret Two- “Connect Peers with Purpose:. Here we find that peer interaction is the key to an optimal organization that is simultaneously tight and loose.  Leadership is very important in this area. We must provide an environment that is conducive to our employees. Hire talent individuals, create a pro=social environment populated by pro-social individuals (Hunt, 2009 p.3). One must ask how are we fostering purposeful peer interaction that create deeper bonds to work and among colleagues?  how are we implementing a balance between outside monitoring and internal efficacy among peers? These are questions for school leaders I suppose.

Secret Three-“Capacity Building Prevails”. Capacity building concerns competencies resources and motivation. As leaders, we must continue to develop capacity in all stakeholders while always anticipating the next course of action.

Secret four- “Learning is the Work”. Fullan states professional development (PD) in workshop, training and courses is only one part to continuous learning and precision in teaching. To be successful leaders must be engaged and provide support to their teachers in the classroom. Also, that digital leadership dictates that learning is first and foremost”.

Secret Five- “Transparency Rules”. When you think about being transparent it involves sharing of information and seeing effective practices, innovation for others to learn from and embracing digital tools which are necessary for success. Work must continue without interruptions.

Fullan’s Six Secret “System Learn” he discusses that learning is continuous, that learning is also dependent on the leaders in the schools. We need to move away from the old way of learning and thinking.

As leaders, it’s our responsibility to provide employees, parents, students, and stakeholders with highest level of service. I have observed my colleagues slowly move towards accepting a new way of thinking and embrace technology.

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2 thoughts on “DB 2 The Six Secrets of Change

  1. You mentioned that your colleagues are slowly moving toward embracement of new teaching methods, Yonna. I think this is important to note. Change is hard for many people. How would you go about facilitating change at a speed that is conducive to student learning?


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